Becca & Mutt

Becca & Mutt is an acoustic musical duo that formed in 2013. The duo is made up of Rebecca Parsons (Becca) on vocals and Mandel Cook (Mutt) on guitar. Becca and Mutt grew up together in Dunlap, Tennessee.

Becca Parsons
Becca has been singing since she could walk. In addition to recording with Mutt, she currently performs with her college choir in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Mutt Cook





Mutt has been in a long string of bands. His most notable band was Pictures of Lenny in which he performed with from 2002 to 2012. They had much success with their single “Moments Like This” in 2009.




The duo was created in early 2013 when Becca & Mutt decided to record the song “Summer Thing” that Mutt wrote in 2012. After that they decided to record an entire acoustic album one song at a time. The album was finished on May 1, 2013. A special addition version of the album is in the works.

While the special addition album is still under construction, Becca & Mutt are already planning and writing for their next album. It is going to be a full band rock album! They decided to put out an acoustic album first because it was easier to record with only two people than it is to handle a whole group of people’s schedules. They are hoping that everyone’s schedules will work out better this time.